The Importance of Duty and Loyalty in Martial Arts

The code of Bushido is reminiscent of the United States Constitution in the sense that the virtues in the code are listed in order of importance. Just as the freedom of speech was viewed as the most important right a person could have, so is the ideal of Bushido which shows us that the idea of Loyalty and Duty is the first virtue a warrior should have. It is the cornerstone of the foundation of the Bujutsu-ka.

Be Mindful and Selective with Your Inner Circle

The sense of Duty the warrior possesses is steadfast and unwavering. He selects his clan, he selects his family, he selects those in his sphere of influence extremely carefully. This task by itself is a measure of a warrior, and further, because of this selection process, his loyalty can be described only as fierce and resolute.

This is a very important consideration in all stages of your life and is very useful for children as well. The curation of the people you let into your sphere of influence is an ongoing task.  Not one to be stressed over but one to put careful consideration into.

There’s a saying, “show me the 5 people closest to you and I’ll show you the person you are to become.” and when you find those positive influential people in your life it would treat you well to demonstrate duty and loyalty to them as those virtues are often reciprocated back.

Martial Arts Training Helps you Help Yourself

Duty and Loyalty also come in the form of cherishing oneself. Understanding that the warrior is solely responsible for cultivating the lifestyle of a warrior and holding themselves accountable to maintaining the prioritization of their training, education, and growth both in areas of comfort and more importantly areas of discomfort.

The idea of cherishing yourself and making yourself a priority is oftentimes overlooked as the first step to being of any guidance or help to anyone else. You will gain experiences in life through holding yourself accountable and taking care of yourself first that others will be able to learn from.

Don’t confuse this with selfishness. On the contrary, this is very much an act of selflessness if the intent is to be a better person for someone else or a group of people like your family or community. When you become a warrior you become a protector of others as well as yourself and thus… you’re training and betterment come first so that you can be there for others.

Feed the Mind and Body

The warrior is responsible for how they treat their bodies and their minds with respect controlling what they put into either. Keeping themselves in a dignified manner and holding others to the same.

This last talking point goes hand in hand with the previous point above.  The mindfulness and self-awareness needed to check your decisions on all things that you feed your mind and your body aren’t always easy to accomplish. Part of our adult curriculum is to have a full understanding of the warrior mindselt… our philosophy and see how it compliments the physical aspects of our martial art training.

You can’t really call yourself a martial arts school without learning and developing the proper mindset needed to keep your self accountable and to hold others to the same expectations.  The world is full of poison just waiting to take you over but the warrior can see this a mile away.

Some of our students come to us because of their inability to overcome the bad that has overtaken them.  With the right guidance, influence, and environment it’s possible to become the best version of YOU.  All you need are the right people in your circle who have your back.

Come join us if you want to take an amazing journey into the world of traditional Japanese Martial Arts.

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In Oneness,

Kaiso Dedeuc


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