Are Martial Arts Good for Kids with ADHD and Autism?

At the Budo Shingikan School of Japanese martial arts, we get parents coming to us for all kinds of reasons.  Some parents want their kids to develop more discipline, while others want to give them the skills needed for self-defense against bullying.

While those are valid and very real reasons to get your child into martial arts, I would say the two most common issues we’ve come to see more frequently are children who have been diagnosed with ADHD or are on the Autism spectrum.

There are many parents out there wondering, are martial arts good for kids with ADHD or Autism and the short answer is YES!

In the video below I go into much greater detail as to why this is so.  It’s a great episode and one that should be shared as much as possible.

The Warrior Ways Podcast Ep. 3 | Are Martial Arts Good for Kids with ADHD or Autism?

We’ve been teaching children for a very long time and we consider ourselves experts in this area. If you’re a parent who needs some help with your child and you’re running out of ideas then please come visit us.

Simply click the red button above and get your child registered for our 6 Week Introductory Program.  You will not be disappointed.

In Oneness,

Kaiso Dedeuc

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